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GKOS Implementations

Besides small mobile terminals, like the example above, GKOS can also be used as a compact IR remote control (below) for the PC including all mouse and keyboard functions in a matchbox size (35 x 50 x 15 mm). Mouse operation is done with a single hand as well as typing of many single GKOS characters - like space and backspace that are useful in presentations (see also Single hand page, chapter D.). For serious typing, use both hands.  - One could perhaps say that this device provides 3-key text input with a complete PC QWERTY character set and only one press per character! See also the demo. What is more it has hundreds of shortcuts to type complete words, in less than a second each.

mini GKOS remote(back and front in natural size - matchbox size)

A cellular device can look like this:

The left thumb uses the two keys corresponding the left and right mouse switch (the upper 'select' key and the lower 'menu' key), and the right thumb moves the pointer. This way both the mouse and keyboard functions can be fully controlled, having the fingers at the same position all the time. The power switch on the lower right may also include a menu for the phone ('hardware menu'). Using the mouse pointer control for menu browsing is not always necessary as the GKOS keys can be used for that in a more relaxed way.

Note also that if a touch sensitive display is used it is possible to start using the GKOS virtual keyboard (above) immediately with a stylus/pen before getting accustomed to the faster and more relaxed way of typing on the physical GKOS keys on the back of the device.

The dimensions of the GKOS keyboard depend on the form, size and weight of the terminal. In any case, there are 6 keys on the back of the equipment: 3 for the left and 3 for the right hand. Pinky fingers are used only for balancing the grip of the terminal and thumbs are kept on the sides of the front panel to manage the pointing device.

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