The GKOS Steering Wheel

This steering wheel is equipped with a full-featured PC keyboard in GKOS layout. You can write down notes or even create a novel on longer routes and still keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. There are of course many other applications running on a PC that you can control this way.

Type'n drive

What is more, you can build this right away because all parts have been designed and tested already. No external power source is needed because the batteries in the IR transmitter (2) will last a year or two, maybe more, and the IR receiver (3) gets its power from the RS232 port of the PC. Instructons can be found here but remember to drive carefully:

1 and 2: The GKOS Universal IR Keyboard (IR Transmitter)
3 and 4: The Universal Serial GKOS PC Interface (IR Receiver)

Car PC keyboard on the steering wheel. Computer keyboard in the car. Custom car PC keyboard. GKOS character set. Typing speed  40...50 WPM.

Seppo Tiainen 21.9.2005