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The GKOS Keyboard  -  an Open Standard

The GKOS keyboard is a set of 6 keys on the back of the user device to enable fast text entry, as well as provide all functions and characters found on a standard PC QWERTY keyboard (Cursor control, Cut and paste, Alt, Ctrl, Ins, Tab, PgUp etc). It is intended for the the tiny wireless terminals of 2G, 3G and beyond, in order to minimize the space requirements and to allow a wide screen on the front panel. It can also be used in many other applications, e.g. on the back of detachable monitors or as a tiny universal infrared remote control including text entry. The GKOS concept was published on October the 5th, 2000.

1.  How to type on a GKOS keypad

2.  Basic GKOS features
       - Comparisons updated 26 Sept 2006

3.  GKOS implementations (Latest concept 10 Feb 2010)

4.  GKOS definitions - Latest specification, v.3.1.3 (Sept 2008): (zipped)
- An updated character table for making GKOS compatible applications >>
      - An updated character set for learning GKOS typing
      - A DRAFT User's Manual v.0.0.3 (pdf) is avalable
       - Corrections of typing and a new figure, 5 December 2006.
       - Character table adjustments, Special Chordons, 7 December 2006

5.  History of GKOS

See also: www.gkos.net to build one!  -  www.sixback.com  -  FAQ  -  Tracking the development!

- The old GKOS website seppo.n3.net (5 Oct 2000 to 31 May 2002) is still available here. It includes older material like demos and free software to add a simple keyboard to your PC's printer port. Check gkos.net for latest information on GKOS building projects.

- Build a matchbox-size universal GKOS keyboard for text entry and IR remote control. For example, it is capable of entering song titles to an MD player. This can be found at gkos.net, building project 3,

- Build a combination of a GKOS keyboard and pointer control using either a TrackPoint mouse or a stick. This is a project for making your own GKOS-keyboard that can be attached to the PC's PS/2 keyboard connector. It applies the popular PIC16F876 microcontroller and IR remote operation. (see www.gkos.net Project 2).

- The GKOS concept was developed by Seppo Tiainen, Fínland, who has been designing, testing and specifying mobile telecommunications systems since 1976 (ARP, NMT, paging, GSM, 3G/IMT-2000 and beyond).

On the GKOS keyboard, you always also have the PC keyboard functions plus
many additional features like pointer control and hundreds of  shorcut words !

So even this could be possible:

Why not!why not ?