How to type on GKOS

Space:    press the GKOS 'space bar' = all 3 keys on the right hand side.
Backspace: press the GKOS 'left bar' = all 3 keys on the left hand side.

Note that the information above is all you need for typing simple text messages!  (In addition, punctuation and case change are of course useful to learn)


The figure above shows that for letters (and numbers), maximum 2 simultaneous key presses are needed per hand but whenever one hand presses two keys (e.g. D+E keys), the other hand needs only to press a single key (e.g. to get "H") or no key at all (result is then "G")Letters A to F are just single keys.

There are of course optional ways to use the GKOS keypad. You can even use your thumbs to type with a clever GKOS design.

Can you press Ctrl + Alt + Del on a PC keyboard? If you can then you can also enter text, numbers and puctuation on a GKOS keyboard because that combination is similar to the most 'difficult' GKOS letters X, Y, Z.

When needed, the GKOS can be more versatile. Here is the full character set including all PC QWERTY characters. GKOS is a system with many hidden capablities for advanced users but still simple enough to have a quick start as shown above.

GKOS Keyboard - it's like heaven!

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