GKOS Chordon Shortcuts

The words listed below can optionally be typed very fast. The way the keys are pressed down or released for a single character can define a whole word followed by a space. You may want to learn to type some of your most frequent words this way - some day perhaps most of them.

It is quite amazing that with only 6 keys (or 3 keys with 2 switches each) you have access to hundreds of (up to 781) complete words directly at the same time as you can use the standard way of GKOS typing letter by letter (using single characters and/or chordons).

How to read the tables:

Shortcut tables (draft)

The shortcuts have been composed according to the principle that the keys pressed are as far as possible the same as (but often fewer than) those when typing the beginning of the word letter by letter. This seems to be a good practice and feels quite natural after having obtained a fluent basic GKOS typing skill. It is even possible to correctly guess the shorcut in many cases.

In word frequency order
In alphabetical order
In shortcut character order

  *** version of 21 November 2006 ***

Definition of a chordon shortcut word: A Chordon Shortcut is a two-character chordon which is preceded by, and ends in, an all-keys-released condition, and consists of characters of which at least one is a special character belonging to this group of characters (tables use the symbols in bold):

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Seppo Tiainen, 7 February 2005
- The table has been adjusted since creation of this page
- Definition moved to bottom 18 Feb 2005
- Information on plans to expand the table to 612 words after practical tests, 28 Nov 2005 - Planning 700 words, 19 Jan 2006
- Links to separate tables added, old table removed from this page, 26-28 Feb 2006. Number of shortcuts is 781, 2 March 2006