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Chordic text entry on a Windows Phone

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The Silverlight application development tools appear to be easy to use and they are free. They only work on Windows 7 (fully) and Vista (partly). A question is whether the system keyboard (Soft Input Panel or SIP) can be replaced by a completetly different custom keyboard in future. Now it seems impossible.

The first complete GKOS chorded keyboard application, however, will at least be able to send the text typed on the screen by SMS and email

9 March 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 came to shops in Finland 1 Feb 2012. The application could then be tested on a real device and, soon after that, it became available as a Windows Phone application in Microsoft's Marketplace. It is for WP 7.5 phones, supporting OS version 7.1 and higher. The application can be installed and used free of charge but to have more than one button theme available, 0.99 € must be paid.

The distributed version is 1.1.0. The next version will be 1.2.0 and some new features are planned for it like:
- Malay language added
- Minor fixes
- ...

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      GKOS Chording Keyboard on WP7

  8 Feb 2012