The GKOS ComboKey Pad
English type pad

Finnish Type pad


- Big buttons and large font
- Easily reach buttons by one hand
- Can be positioned left or right
- Can be used even quicker by two hands
- The combos can be selected in several ways:
  1) Swipe to the second key, or
  2) Press the second key by the other hand, or
  3) Swipe to the mirror image of the second key


- Tap single keys to type most common letters
- Tap + swipe to type rest of the characters (combos)

Suppors 19 languages:
- Several Keypad layouts available
- Sanskrit and Hindi included!  : )

Test versions available:

ComboKey draft apps available for testing:
- For Android now (functional DRAFT)   ->
- For Nokia N9 MeeGo (fully functional->
- For Jolla Saifish OS (early draft)   ->

14 Jan 2014

There are legacy GKOS apps (no ComboKey option)
available for Windows Phone and Android.

Type T
Type most common letters by just one tap

Type g
Other letters are typed by tapping and swiping

Tap T and swipe to any of the appearing letters
or to their mirror keys, or tap T and then the
other key with the other hand. You choose!

Shortcuts and Functions
Show received SMS, Tools menu, Send SMS,
Clear screen, Delete previous, Delete next,
Reply SMS, Switch Aux/Main language, Copy,
Escape, Alt, Insert,
Reply by phone call, Ctrl, Search web

Just swipe to any of these.

Navigation etc.
Word left, Tab, Word right,
Special symbols, Number pad, (spare for Dial),
Shift / Upper case, Up arrow, Enter,
Left Arrow, Space, Right arrow.
Home, Down arrow, End

Just swipe to any of these.

Common words
Depending on language, these locations may
hold common words or native letters

Just swipe to any of these.

Published on April 28, 2014