GKOS Keyboard UTF-8       GKOS Keyboard for Linux

Options are...

1. Try gkosw.exe (Windows application) under Wine ('Windows for Linux')

2. Use GKOS Unicode Keyboard (Linux application, a Gambas project, Ubuntu)
    - Incl. several GKOS native layouts like:
       English, Finnish
, German, Greek, Korean, Sanskrit, Swedish...

3. Learn about the USB HID keyboard Linux driver project

4. NEW (Sept 2010): USB GKOS HID plug-and-play PC keyboard (Linux & Windows) by using the Arduino open source board with an expansion shield.

5. NEW (Aug - Sept 2010): GKOS Keyboard Application for Android (Linux) phones

6. And also on Linux, you can test GKOS typing on your browser.

gkos in winter