GKOS Optimised Layouts for 16 languages

GKOS Optimised Layouts, based on typical letter frequencies in each language, are optional to the GKOS Alphabetic Layout. Optimised layouts minimise the need for chording and, consequently, make typing faster by positioning the most common letters to single keys. The difference between the optimised and alphabetical layouts has been minimised to take advantage of the typing skill on both cases as much as possible.

Shown here are three cases: No key pressed,
Key TH pressed and Key W pressed (as these keys are defined for the English layout).

Controls and other functions are shown on the bottom lines.


Most controls of the PC keyboard are available like Enter, Esc, Shift, Caps, Tab, Ctrl, Alt, Del, Home, End, Insert, Page Up/Down and all Arrow keys.

Updated 4 Aug 2011