GKOS on iPhone and the GKOS Matchbox demo videos

Typing wirelessly on a PC:
RealMedia (38 kbit/s)
WinMedia (ADSL)

Remote controlling a MiniDisc Player:
WinMedia (ADSL)

These video clips demonstrate how this implementation of the GKOS keyboard (gkos.com) can be used:

GKOS Matchbox GKOS Matchbox (enlarged for a better view!)

The device has three keys on the back of it. Each key consists of two swiches, one at each end of the key. There is no separate mouse on the demo sample but the keys can always operate as a pointer control as defined for the GKOS. An infrared link is used as explained at www.gkos.net, the GKOS builders' website.

You can find the same demos and more on YouTube:

GKOS on iPhone

Remote controllind an MD player

Typing wirelessly on a PC